This pages contains the most frequenty asked questions as well as tip and information we think you may find helpful. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call of send us an email using our online form.


How far is the beach?
The beach is a short 3 minute walk from the villa. (<100 yards)

Where can we shop for groceries?
In Playa del Carmen there are two large grocery stores: Chedraui and Wal Mart. Cancun has a variety of large grocery stores including Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco. Puerto Morelos has a small grocery store for essentials.

Can I buy fresh fish anywhere?
Yes. There is a fish market in Puerto Morelos that has fish and lobster (in season) everyday after 3:00pm.

Is driving safe?
Yes. There is a well maintained highway from Cancun all the way to Tulum. The best map of the Riviera Maya is made by and we highly recommend the purchase of this map before arrival if you are planning on doing a lot of sightseeing.

Is the water safe to drink?
No, the tap water in this area is not safe to drink. The villa rental includes bottled water to serve all your drinking and cooking water needs.

Are there good hospitals, doctors or pediatricians around?
Yes, American Hospital in Cancun has an excellent pediatrician/neonatologist and the property manager can recommend other doctors and specialists.

Is it safe to eat lettuce, veggies and have ice in drinks in restaurants?
For produce – Most restaurants which cater to tourists wash their fruits and vegetables in a special way to disinfect them. Any moderately priced restaurant does this automatically.
For ice – Even the smallest roadside restaurant uses purified water and ice.

How can I get Mexican pesos?
If your bank ATM money card is part of a large network (like Plus or Cirrus) you can use it in bank machines in Playa del Carmen and Cancun. The money comes directly out of your bank account and you get the best exchange rate. Otherwise, banks and money exchange offices in Playa del Carmen and Cancun can exchange your US dollars, Euros, (or other foreign currency) for pesos.

What services do you offer extra charge?
Cleaning, linen change, laundry

Is the beach safe for swimming?
Our beach is safe for swimming, but as always, you need to take caution when the surf is big due to strong currents. Our beach varies between being calm and rough, it all depends on the weather.

Where is the closest area to snorkel?
Right off our beach is good snorkeling, when not too windy. Alternatively you can snorkel in Puerto Morelos or Akumal.

Is it easy to get a taxi at the villa?
Yes. Cell phone instructions are available to call a taxi. It usually takes only 10 minutes and the company is fantastic.

Is the pool shared?
Yes. The large pool is shared by 14 villas, 10 of those villas are only 1 bedroom. Because many people use our complex as a starting point for day trips and enjoy the beach, even when the complex is full, the pool often remains empty and quiet.

Is there air conditioning in every room?
Yes, we have separate units in every room.

What is the weather like?
Playa del Secreto is warm for most of the year but not overwhelmingly humid. The Mayan Riviera enjoys a fairly constant temperature of 80°, but it rises into the 90s during July and August, which are also rainy months. During these months, it can get hot and humid if you venture away from the sea breeze or don’t have an air-conditioned room. The rainy season runs from June through October (which is also hurricane season). Cold fronts blowing down from the north can make temperatures fall during the coldest winter months. November through February are generally sunny. Water temperatures year-round vary from upper 70s to low 80s.

Month Average High Average Low Warmest Ever Coldest Ever Average Dew Point Wet Days
January 81 67 95 45 68 5
February 82 68 90 52 68 4
March 84 71 91 52 69 3
April 85 73 97 52 71 2
May 88 77 99 63 73 4
June 89 78 102 63 76 6
July 90 78 102 64 76 4
August 90 77 100 64 76 4
September 89 76 102 63 75 7
October 87 74 102 59 73 8
November 84 72 99 55 71 5
December 82 69 88 52 69 6