Guest Comments

We want to make sure our guests leave Turtle Hideaway feeling happy and content. Here is a sampling of the feedback we've received from our guests over the years.

The Neeb Family, USA

"Thanks for sharing your absolutely beautiful condo. It was everything you said and more! We hardly used the air conditioners because there was such a nice, fresh breeze. Also, having a full size kitchen was great!! We had a blast going into Playa de Carmen to Wal-Mart and shopping for groceries. The surrounding area is just gorgeous. Your beach is the most beautiful thing in the world!!! Our daughter Sarah wants to go back already!!! We went into Puerto Morelos for dinner one night and she got to order in Spanish. What fun for her!!! We played on the beaches every day, went into Cancun for shopping, and basically relaxed! Which we all needed! Carlos was a great help as well…we were glad he was there to point us in the right direction. We are so ready to go back!! Thanks again!"


The Decker family USA 

"We can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas than relaxing in Playa del Secreto. It was great to be so close to both Puerto Morelos (for all your fresh seafood after 2pm) and Playa del Carmen for the souvenir shopping. The weather was perfect for our week long stay. During the one cloudy afternoon we took a trip to Chitzinetza — amazing"


The Pryor’s, Dallas USA

Thanks so much! This was so nice. We had a wonderful time and the kids had a blast. We would love to come back again for a longer stay. Thanks again!


R&B – Naples USA

Beautiful beach but I found my bed a little hard. Breakfast at Puerto Morelos on the beach is wonderful. The dog, Kirby, thinks she lives here so we let her in and fed her.


The Stanialovski’s, Colorado, USA 


We very much enjoyed the secluded beach as well as the pool. We visited Crocoon Zoo, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen as well as Isla Mujeras which was lovely despite the rain and an unexpected flood. We had a great time, thank-you


The Kilkenny’s — Peace River, AB, Canada

You have a very beautiful place here in Secret Beach. We had a restful and relaxing time. The pool was great! It is definitely a place for peace and solitude. Muchas Gracias. P.S Love the selection of movies


Victoria Vale USA

My brother and I loved the peaceful beauty of your villa and the area. We took your advise, ate at John Grey’s (fabulous), also at Villa Corrina’s twice, wonderful couple, atmosphere, authentic good, GREAT. Had a very relaxing time and hope to return



Sorry not to email sooner but things have been a little crazy at work since we got back. Everything was absolutely amazing! Casa Oceano was exactly what we needed, the house was beautiful and very peaceful the staff were lovely and the weather was always amazing it was so much nicer than staying in a hotel as we were away from all the tourists but still close enough to the big touristy places so we could go out if we wanted to. I will defiantly be recommending your house to all my friends if they visit Mexico and also as I’m a travel agent I will be letting my clients know too. Thanks for everything hopefully we will be back soon!” Regards,


“thanks for sharing your absolutely stunning villa. The pictures on the Internet do not quite do it justice. It was roomy, comfy, bright and beautiful. We hardly used the air conditioners because there was such a nice, fresh breeze. The area was just gorgeous. I managed to bring back some picked flowers from along your road and am now drying them. John Grey’s was fabulous–went there at least three times. We snorkeled, went deep sea fishing, went on jungle tour, went to Goyo’s sweat lodge, rented ATV’s for the day in Puerto Morelos, swam in cenotes, went to Crococun, Tulum, and Xcaret, etc. I’m so glad I can speak some Spanish because the people are amongst the warmest and friendliest I’ve met. My daughter got her hair braided at Acuario and I got in on the local gossip. We only had ONE HUGE PROBLEM . . . we almost couldn’t leave and some of us are ready to leave the States and move to Puerto Morelos! The kids played soccer with the local kids on the square every night in front of Hola Asia. We quickly decided Playa del Carmen was too touristy. I have you to thank for explaining to me the difference between Playa del Secreto and Cozumel or Playa del Carmen. Your beach is the most beautiful thing in the world!!! We can’t wait to go back. Cristina and Alberto were great. The kids love Kirby and Kirby had some fun playing ball with them. We had one accident. Upstairs on second floor balcony the kids were laying in hammocks and had pushed the green plastic table to the end. My five-year-old came out and accidentally backed up into it and it fell to the ground. It cracked on one edge, but is still usable. Alberto knows. We went to Cancun, but the Wal-Mart was out of stock on them. So sorry. Thanks again, Karen. We had the vacation of a lifetime.” Sincerely,

– Mara, USA –

“Hi !!! We’re home and depressed. Our week at the villa was fantastic, the villa was beautiful, the grounds were lovely, the ocean was the blue and turquoise as I remember, but very windy all week. We spent a lot of time around the pool meeting new people and visiting with them. A lot of the time we had the pool area to ourselves. Just thinking of having a pine coloda around the pool at 9 a.m., was a fantastic time!!! We were up so early and out in the sun all day there was not many nights we saw 10 o’clock on the clock. Went to Playa de Carmen one day and was home by 3 in the afternoon. Puerto Morales for an evening and ate at Pelicanos wonderful food. Tried to get fresh fish one day as we needed some ice and beer and the boats didn’t go out as the wind was so bad so the taxi driver took the guys to ladies house and she must keep the left over fish and she got one out of her freezer for them. But had to thaw it out and gut it first, so they went and had a few beers while waiting. Didn’t go to Cancun as the other couples we were with had enough with Playa. They did go four wheeling one day and had fun, we stayed back and had quiet time. It was just a relaxing week with not too many events and alot of sun. Went to Corina’s one night for dinner really enjoyed that. Fun place!!! We were overwhelmed with grocery shopping, good thing our van driver went in with us, it was quite the experience but did enjoy it!!! No body got sick from the food and we did go through a lot of water. I am talking my cabana boy into coming back next year again, so we will be in contact with you. Hoping the dates aren’t filling up to fast. Oh a big highlight of the trip for me was there was a guy Don Clark there from Thunder Bay, Ontario and he was an artist, he painted to pictures on the beach and added palm trees to it. Erin bought his larger painting and I bought the smaller painting. Just a real memory of a trip we will never forget. As we were all writing in your book by the phone we had to read back what we wrote and I was so sad to leave I just cried and had a really hard time reading it back to our friends. Saturday was the same as I left the tears really rolled. Albert and Christina were around, she is busy with here new baby girl, just a cutie!!! Well better go and try and get in gear around here now that I made it through a day at work. Keep in touch with us for next year. It’s 50 degrees here today, told Dean I need to lay out in the sun as I am fading already. Thank you for everything you have done for us we thoroughly enjoyed our vacation. Can’t believe Dean and I spent all those hours together when we are independent on our daily life, but it was fantastic, the sun rises at the beach were great!!!!! Sincerely,

– Diane Ibberson — USA

“Thanks , we had a very nice, relaxing time. We loved it here and we enjoyed Villa Corina for my daughters 15th birthday celebration. all your notes and suggestions helped. Happy New Year and good luck.”

– The Strong family, Utah, USA –

“Thanks for sharing Casa Oceano with us. We had a great time lounging on the beach, exploring this area and enjoying the Mexican dinner at Casa Corina and dinner at John Grays. We had the pleasure of sharing the restaurant with Dustin Hoffman! The yard and the pool are beautiful and it was a treat to see and hear so many birds.”

– The Wilburs, Alberta, Canada –

“Of all the beautiful things to do and see in this part of the world, our favorite by far was your secret beach. A real vacation for the whole family.”

– The hartman family, Oregon, USA

I wanted to thank you for sharing your lovely house with my friends and I Nov. 2003. It was so nice to actually get what you expected and more!Your pictures and description on your web site are so accurate! Having a full size kitchen was such a big plus. It was so much fun going to the grocery stores and finding all sorts of things that we don’t have here in the states. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, Kristina and her husband were so very helpful. A big thanks to them! They really went out of their way to help us out and make us feel welcome. We will definitely be asking to stay at your lovely home again.”

– Sincerely, Veronica Oskierko, Portland, Oregon

“Had a wonderful time. The beach was beautiful and the weather was nice and warm. Too bad we have to return to winter. Thanks for everything. ”

– The Helfinch’s, Vancouver, Canada

“After 3 glorious weeks here we are desperately sad to be leaving. Such a beautiful setting, lush gardens and so peaceful. It has been a luxury to come back here in the evenings after a day out. When we have stayed here at the beach it has been very relaxing to sit and watch a film during the mid day. What a great selection of movies, especially for the kids. Of all the beautiful beaches we have seen down the coast and at Cozumel the families favorite is Playa del Secreto, very quiet, secluded and the perfect setting for a family wanting to chill out. Thanks for sharing it with us.”

– The Michalik family, Harpen England

” Just wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed the stay at your villa on Playa del Secreto. The house had everything we needed and we felt extremely comfortable. We had looked for a secluded beach far from crowds and that is exactly what we got. The convenient location put us in easy reach of the attractions we wanted to see and the amazing video collection got us through the rainy days! We are sure to recommend this as a perfect vacation spot. ”

– Yours, Tzviya Kaufman

“I have been meaning to drop you a note ever since we returned from your place in early August – just kept forgetting to get around to it. I just wanted to say that we had a wonderful time while in Mexico – your villa was perfect for us – plenty of room for our two families. The pool and video library were an instant hit with the kids, and the beach was everything you said it was – simply incredible. And Christina and Alberto were great hosts – always friendly and helpful. So, thanks for providing us with a great place for our vacation. ”

– Colleen & Rick

“We were married May 3/03 and the honeymoon started May 17th from Vancouver, Canada. What a great time to relax and unwind and enjoy the family we brought with us.”

– Thanks, Jan, Rob, JJ, Robyn and Mitch – Canada

We waited 10 years for a vacation/honeymoon, thanks for making it special. This has to be the most beautiful villa and beach we have ever seen. We ate out 1st night at John Grey’s and you were right – it was the best meal! John was very nice and gave us a lot of info. We, being in the hospitality industry, would love to open up a nice little bar or cafe. Thank-you again.”

– The Williamson’s, USA

“Just got back from your lovely Mexican Villa. We had a great time doing everything including relaxing on your secluded beach, dining & dancing in both Playa Del Carmen & Cancun, snorkeling at Xel-Ha, and too much shopping everywhere. The weather was great & we enjoyed meeting Christina, Alberto, Kirby, & Clementina. Say hello to them for us (we departed the villa at 7AM & did not have an opportunity to say farewell – except to Kirby who joined us for breakfast). Thanks for your hospitality & we look forward to doing it again.”

– Nolan, Clarissa & Dave Narain, Grace & Ed Kirsten – Canada

“We enjoyed our stay at the Mayan Riviera. How wonderful it was to come home to your villa after a busy day of exploration. So sad to be going home.”

– The Vances and Engels – USA

“We had such an amazingly fun time staying in your villa –it is soooo nice! It was so clean and roomy, especially the huge bathrooms, the bottled water was great. The pool, the patio, the roof, the fun architecture & spiral staircase were fun! We can’t thank you enough for your great place. Christina and Alberto were great to work with. The beach is so private, we absolutely loved it. All of your info, directions, etc, were very helpful. I love Mexico, and will remember your place in the future. It was so great to spend that time with our kids ( who live miles apart) and in such a comfy place. I still miss it, and we’ve been back two weeks now! You are very lucky to have such a beautiful place. Thank you, thank you very much!! ”

– Sincerely, Susan & Randy

“Where do I start – the attractive tropical grounds, pool, ocean breezes and charming style of your Villa were perfect for our family, and with 3 daughters having 3 bathrooms was a definite plus. You were right about the short walk to the beach being worth it. Playa Secreto has to be one of the best beaches on the Mexican Caribbean, the clear turquoise water, white sandy beach and secluded setting away from the crowds is paradise. We played in the beautiful sparkling surf everyday, jumping and boogie boarding the waves and relaxing under the shade of the papalas when we needed a break from the sun. The proximity to Puerto Morales and Playa del Carmen made it a perfect location for the day trips we took, and your notebook with info on restaurants, shopping and Yucatan attractions helped make our vacation an absolutely fabulous experience. Cristina and Alberto were terrific hosts and wonderful people. We’ll definitely be back. ”

– The Crawford Family – Portland, Oregon.

“We thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful places. The decorating deserves many compliments. Everything was excellent and as advertised on the Website. We enjoyed our stay immensely, thanks for sharing. ”

– Thanks again, Joe Docter, USA.

“We had a great time! You have decorated the condo beautifully, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We liked the size of Puerto Morelos, the proximity to Playa del Carmen, and the privacy of Playa del Secreto. My husband’s only prior Mexico experience was Spring Break in Mazatlan, so this was quite a different experience for him, and he loved it. He’s already trying to sell all of our friends on going down there again next year.”

– Daphne Morrison, USA.

“Your villa is beautiful, so comfortable and warm, I just loved it, and the beds, very comfortable. The beach is beyond my imagination, it has to rank as one of the top 10 in the world. We even bought lobsters right off the beach from the fisherman–WOW. I can’t wait to come back! ”

– Andrea Casault, Canada.

“We had a fabulous time on our honeymoon. We loved staying at the Villa. The location was unbeatable. ”

– Laura Dominguez, USA.

“We really had a great time at your villa! The accommodations were great and the space was ideal for the 7 of us. I hope we didn’t leave the place in too much of a mess for you. ”

– Jeff Wahburne, USA.

“There was nothing better than playing scrabble under the palapa. Such a quite area, perfect for the relaxing that I desperately needed, Thanks again and looking forward to going again next year.”

– Christina Tudela, Canada.

“Thank you for everything and letting me share your wonderful vacation home.”

– Shannon Pruss, Canada.

“The villa was lovely you did a very nice job painting and decorating the house. Cristina was great and so full of life! All in All it was a nice vacation. ”

– Thank you, Melinda Asmus, USA.

“The pool at your place is the best. We took the kids down to the beach one night and we watched the turtles come ashore, make nests and lay their eggs. That was quite an experience and certainly a highlight of the trip.

– Cathy Brownlee, USA.